This is the home of Exg2Cal, a ruby class that pulls vCal attachments from Exchange calendar folders via IMAP.

Current features:

  • Connects to Exchange 2003
  • Outputs to stdout or to a file (.ics format)


  • Verify that content is actually calendar data
  • Multithreaded connections to IMAP server for speed (if that is even possible)
  • Ability to specify the entire (ralative/absolute) path for the output file
  • Document the measily amount that is there. Good to start healthy ahbits early
  • Error handling!

Future features:

  • Use vpim to parse useful information
  • Use WebServices/WebDAV to post/save
  • Create function to output in HTML
  • Allow the use of an email address and password, rather than IMAP server, username and password


  • 0.0.1 alpha: very basic functionality : exg2cal.rb

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