In my garage I have a popcorn popper, and a tiny little table with a dog bowl and heat gun on a stand. With these I coax smoke and flavor from beans collected from all over the world.

The real reason that I roast is that it is cheaper. Well, no, it is not really cheaper because I drink more and I end up giving it away. the real reason is because the coffee is so good. Well, actually, some of it is awesome, but every once in a while you get something that just stinks. Ok, there real reason is because I drink a lot of coffee. Nope, not that either; I drink a cup or two in the morning, and sometimes one in the afternoon. I don’t drink coffee at work. Alright, it is just plain fun. Really, that is it. Fun, usually tasty, sometimes cheaper.

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4 thoughts on “Coffee”

  1. Yep, you summed it up. Fun, usually tastes better, and in some awkward way, saves $. Does the geeky minutia that thrills some us, fit into the fun… cause some people don’t have fun that way. How about knowing where your food comes from, and it being super fresh?
    I’m with you.

  2. Yeah, it is just really fun! It isn’t easier to start from scratch and make your own coffee, sourdough bread, beer, native chocolate, coconut oil, soap, tofu, ssaurkraut, and so on, and cheaper is also debatable if you figure in time and, say, fuel consumption, but it is really fun learning and knowing how to do it, and it gives such a nice feeling of accomplishment!

  3. That is quite a mechanism you have rigged up to roast your coffee. I live on Sumatra, where the coffee is outstanding. Let me know if you want me to send you some.

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