From the Idiomelon of the Ninth Hour of Nativity

Today is born of a Virgin, he who holds creation in the hollow of his hand.
As a mortal he is wrapped in swaddling rags, he who in his being cannot be handled.
God lies in a manger, who of old established the heavens in the beginning.
He is nourished with milk from the breast, he who rained Manna on the People in the desert.
He summons Magi, the Bridegroom of the Church.
He accepts their gifts, the Son of the Virgin.
We worship your birth, O Christ.
Show us also your divine Epiphany.

(Idiomelon is a hymn that uses a unique melody rather than one of the standard 8 tones.  It may still be related to one of the tones, as in this case it is listed as being in the 6th tone, but it does not strictly follow it.)

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