9 thoughts on “What’s been eating my time:”

  1. Wow. Didn’t think chickens could be beautiful… You have some gorgeous chickens, Tech_Shack_Sam_Man! Sweet photos, too. Dang. I want Chickens too!

  2. Love your coop– looks great on your property! I also like your island-style garden patches.

  3. Beautiful! You are living the beautiful life. You are living the dream. Congrats! Those chicks are hot! Sweet pad they got, too! Way to go on all that stuff.

  4. I must admit, the craftsmanship of the coop is mostly Bea’s Dad’s doing. I was his assistant on this one. Bea did paint all the red, and I did the trim and the chicken door. The soon-to-be-hens seem happy with it. I still will be putting in nesting boxes, but wanted to wait until they were about ready to use them. I really don’t want them to get all poopy yet. We should start getting eggs in August… I am collecting traditional (as in traditions from previous generations of various cultures) egg recipes. I am looking forward to tea eggs, and roasted eggs. The sardine and egg salad sandwich was actually pretty good. Anyone else have egg recipes they love?

  5. Egg recipe I really like: Cook some Korean instant noodles (Shin Ramyun) and drop in two eggs once has started boiling for a while. Settle it down to simmer for a bit, add greens for health and vitality (i just add kimchi).

    I know it’s a pretty modern meal, but it’s a favorite. You get flavor, carbs, proteins (egg, right?), and veg. Having a “kefir-julius” afterward helps soothe the burn. (c:

  6. Love those “ladies” in your yard!
    How exciting to be growing some of your own food. Satisfying!
    Aunt G

  7. Our latest eggy favorite is sauteeing spring onions in butter, then cracking several eggs on top to cook sunny side up, covered. A little feta cheese sprinkled on top is nice, too. I like trying to work veggies into breakfast.
    For breakfast I also like to make a big flourless dutch baby– with almond flour, some kind of sweetener, cream, cinnamon and vanilla. Pour the batter into a hot oiled pan so it doesn’t stick, then pop into a 375′ oven until it’s big and golden. It’s great for me, since I try to stay low on the glycemic index.

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