Spring vigour

Our tomatoes are growing up (sniff). It makes me so proud of them. All 54.

Cilantro is doing dandy. Not sure when I will start clipping tastiness from them, but it looks like they will be ready before June.

I did trim the unruly onions in preparation for their final digs. They look so butch. As of this afternoon, they are in their big-boy bed. *Sigh* It seems like almost yesterday that I saw them take their first clumsy stretches towards the light.

Fortunately we were able to sprinkle them liberally on our potatoes that evening.

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3 thoughts on “Spring vigour”

  1. Ha! I love it! You do have some very nice little sprouts going there! I am sure they will grow up and make you proud (or at least full).

  2. I noticed some tomatoes were not doing as well as the others, and the peppers were not thriving either. Then I saw that those that were stunted all had the same potting soil. Ugh. So I mixed up a slurry of organic pant food (composted poultry manure) and watered them with that. I am hoping that will take care of them. It was the organic potting soil too… darn. I really hope they get stronger because it is *all* my peppers, and my primary red tomatoes (Sioux).

  3. Your seedlings look great! Those tomatoes, cilantro, and onions are going to make some wicked good salsa in a couple of months. Get your nacho chips ready!

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