Seminal arrival

Our Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds order arrived today. Instead of the 60 seed packets we we expected, there were 78! It looks like we will be flush with tomatoes, green, yellow, orange, pink, and purple ones. Bea is very excited and started going through and taking notes for each variety from the catalog. Now comes the hard part… deciding when and how we will plant them. We will not be able to plant them all, and we still do not have the exact plan for the beds yet. So the next step is to determine which ones need to be started now, and get them in the plugs. I know onions and leeks are on the list, and we will start figuring out which things will be late summer plantings, rather than early spring.

A few of the varieties I am personally excited about:

  • Purple Tomatillos
  • Charentais (European melon)
  • Chichiquelite Huckleberry
  • Tal Jalepeno
  • Cherokee Chocolate tomato
  • White Wonder watermelon
  • Hartman’s Giant amaranth

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  1. Hi Daniel! Thanks for visiting Poor Richard’s Almanac. Glad you liked my paean to Piggly Wiggly! Love your blog! I got a whole bucket of seeds from Baker Creek this spring, and was like a kid with a box of Lincoln Logs for days, spilling them out on the floor, checking them against the catalogue, and generally making a big, wonderful mess. Have fun with them and the chickens!

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