Busy bees

Last weekend we were the glad recipients of 14 inches of snow! Our neghbor stopped by to let us know that we were not snowed in, and that he would plow out our driveway. Very nice! He has an old ford tractor with 4 ft. tires and snow chains. While he was telling us that he would release us from our welcome snowy bondage, he also mentioned that one of the trees that they cut down in the hedgerow a few fields over had some bees and honey, and that we should go have a look. So the kids and I bundled up, grabbed a sled, and trudged over to see. We pulled some of the comb out, and there were a lot of dead bees, many smashed from the tree falling. Once we pulled out the easily accessible pieces, we could see live bees, and hear their hum ans they worked to keep the hive warm. Off we slogged, back to the house with our harvest of wild honeycomb.

There was quite a bit of it:

And it was just oozing honey:

I wrapped sections of the comb in a piece of old tee-shirt, and squeeeeeeezed…

It was a rather sticky and messy affair (I felt like Winnie the Pooh), and my fingers made regular trips to my mouth.

But it did indeed work, and in the end we had around 2 quarts of raw wild honey and lots of beeswax that was made about 500 feet from our house!

Later in the afternoon, after all the squeezing and cleanup, I took a jar over to the neighbors. After all, it was their tree, fields, and bees that made the sweet stuff.

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4 thoughts on “Busy bees”

  1. Thanks for the post! This is really interesting! I bet it tastes really nice!

  2. It really is good! We did not pasteurize it, so now it is crystallized. Still spreadable, and very sweet.

    The wax is in balls, in a jar, in the cupboard until we are ready to clean it and use it. It is pretty old wax, and very dark. Maybe it will make it into some home-made ointments one of these days…

  3. Today I tasted the honey for the first time. Wow, is that ever good! Think I will see what we can do about pancakes or waffles and really give it a workout. Thanks to the fallen tree, a kindly neighbor and the Shacks of Michigan!!

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