6 thoughts on “This is getting annoying…”

  1. Well, I think they are all adorably hilarious! And those pictures are all you will have of that tooth and all the crazy things that can be done with such a tooth by such a boy… Next thing you know, he will be looking gawky, with teeth too big for his head. Goes fast, so have fun!

  2. I have to say that this is the funniest, most akward, cutest age. Ethan has gotten so grown up and it’s fun to see him up close goofy teeth and all!

  3. …and today when I arrived home from work, his hair was cut, and the tooth out. Now he looks like his dad did at that age: missing his two front teeth. Thankfully, the replacements are already arriving.

  4. The tooth came out the next day while I was at work, and it was a great relief to both have a stationary smile, and a record of it’s recent crookedness.

    A pet post is on the way.

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