Fields get a haircut, family plays in droppings

Over the last few weeks, all the fields have been trimmed, and it was finally time for those around our place to have their turn. Fortunately is was during daylight, and we got to watch. It is not always during the day. In September a hay field across the road and down one field was mowed and bailed during the wee hours and I went out to get a few shots. They did not turn out so well. In any case, I would not want to be caught wandering through a corn field on a moonless fall night and meet a combine.

We watched from a safe distance.

It is a durn big machine. This combine is heading back to unload the corn in a truck.

I guess we did not always maintain a safe distance. These machines are crazy.

They are called combines because they combine the functions of a harvester, husker, sheller, and mulcher. You can see the disadvantage of being downwind of this beast. Is shoots all the non-corn out the back.

It leaves the air rather dirty.

It is also the time of year that our yard stops being green in the front, and instead is covered in tree droppings. Grandpa came over and helped put together a nice pile to play in.

Man I love fall.

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8 thoughts on “Fields get a haircut, family plays in droppings”

  1. Wow, what a cool and interesting post! The leaves look like so much fun, but make me sneeze to even think about them! Great pictures! Fun to watch that combine!

  2. I love the shot of the combine coming out of a row of corn, as well as the shot of Ariana covering her head from the chaff. It’s good for me to be reminded that these are photographable events, since I grew up seeing them and can easily forget.

  3. Yeah, thanks for putting up so many pictures. The one with it coming out of the corn really looks like a clawed monster. (c: Fun with the leaves. I love Fall as well. I imagine I’ll probably meet my wife either in the Fall or in the Winter (if I meet her).

  4. The combine does look like a giant version of my faithful hair clippers…

  5. What neat stories and pics! We really look forward to seeing it all first-hand. But not nearly as much as seeing you two and the boy and the girl!

  6. Looking forward to seeing you guys in a little over a week. I enjoyed the pics… Ariana is starting to remind me more and more of Bethany. Is that an old sweater of Bethany’s that Ariana is wearing? Maybe that is why I think they look similar.

  7. Oh, these are beautiful photos! It’s great to see all the gorgeous pictures you’ve taken of your new home and property. It’s nice to read all about your new trees , getting settled and family happenings. Thanks for the great posts!

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