Now that we have the barn available to us, we are shifting things around. I migrated my coffee roasting operation into the barn and setup a worktable that Bea’s parents gave us that her grandfather designed and built. It is all plywood, nails and screws but it is rock-steady, using a platform as a base that puts tension on all the connected parts.

There is plenty of power in there, with a 15, a 20, two 30 (for the 220 outlets) and two 50 amp breakers. What would use two 50 amp breakers? There is also plenty of shelving and a workbench with peg-board. Now I might need some tools…

As the barn was getting cleaned out, we found several nests of mice, so I am now a little worried about the safety of my coffee beans. Do mice like coffee?

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4 thoughts on “*shuffle*shuffle*”

  1. Yourbarn/garage sounds amazing! You guys are going tohave a lot of fun in there!

    Yeah, they probably do like coffee, especially in the winter when pickings are slim. Just what you need, a bunch of hyped up, caffeine addicted rodents! I advise storing the coffee in cans… with metal lids.

  2. I don’t know if they eat coffee. I have had mice in my basement for the past couple of years and the coffee has never been hit. They haven’t even found my raw barley. But they did find some malted grains… Coffee is mostly wood, not much starch. I wouldn’t worry until you see a hole in the bag.

  3. 50 Amp breakers are big! Could it be they are ‘mains’, that you have 100 Amps to the meter, divided into two main circuits?

  4. I think we figured out that the 50 amp was for one of the 220 outlets, that might have been used for a camper/trailer. It could probably be used for a welder according to Bea’s dad. Still crazy, if you ask me.

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