No denying it

Today I headed over to the university library with a coworker to work on an iTunes U issue. I chose to do it there in order to stop and say hi to Bea and the kids, who like to hang out a little while after Ariana’s band practice. I went down to the basement and picked up my coffee from Bea, and headed back up to meet my coworker. As we came back down, he jokingly asked if I knew them, referring to my family. I said “Nope, I have never seen them before, why do you ask?” Then Ethan piped up from their table a few yards away “Yeah, you only made us with your sperm!”


Maybe we are being a little too open?

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7 thoughts on “No denying it”

  1. Ha, that was funny. I don’t think you’re being too open. It’s all a matter of enjoying the discomfort that kids create. Sometimes I just have to shrug and say, Well, we can’t deny the truth of that one…:-)

  2. Yeah, this one made me blush! Fortunately, I happened to be standing at the circulation computer which gave me some time to compose myself before moving back into the scene with only an amused smile.

    The kids call nature documentaries “kids movies”. I guess it is turning out to be a very effective way to teach “the birds and the bees.”

  3. You know, I just love it when kids are unabashed about bodily functions. What makes them so embarassing? (OK, I do get that private is appropriate at times, but still…) Sounds very healthy. And ALWAYS amusing!

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