Ah, the colors of change

The pasture and corn field across from the jersey dairy farm on my way to work.

Winged Wahoo bushes (also known as Burning Bush) on our Sunday hike. This is an invasive species, but is still sold at most nurseries because of it’s brilliant fall foliage. We have one next to our house, and it is indeed brilliant!

A wild flower’s end of life. It was golden, Rod.

The trail is over-arched by old (and Ethan says creepy) shrubs.

A trail we did not take, yet admired.

The trail we did take.

The hay field down the road, just after dawn.

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3 thoughts on “Ah, the colors of change”

  1. You must be so glad to live in such a beautiful part of the country. Those pictures are amazing and I can just imagine how those spots are in person! Breathtaking.

  2. If you can, you really should take a jaunt down Liberty road between US 127 and, um, Liberty. The last 1/2 mile of the stretch is covered in maples that are exploding in color. I managed to go through there last night just before sunset, when the sun had just reappeared. It was breathtaking.

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