Magic commute

Yesterday morning was foggy and beautiful. There is an intersection on my commute that is right next to a wandering stream. The morning fog just lifts off and obscures the sun on these cool fall mornings.

All the poor spiders will have to wait until the fog lifts and the sun dries out their webs

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5 thoughts on “Magic commute”

  1. I love those pictures! I also really like the new headers. Sunflowers are lovely! I was going to comment on the tractor forehead, but it went away…

  2. You’re making me homesick. Make sure to post a lot of pictures of people shivering as soon as winter sets in. That will help.

  3. Ah, my plan is working! Winter brings even more magic landscapes, and sledding, ice skating, game-filled evenings…

    The new header is sun chokes, or Jerusalem artichokes. Related to sun flowers, but also considered an edible crop or a noxious weed, depending on who you are.

  4. Beautiful pics! We lived a year in Dallas and my trip to work took me down Mockingbird Lane, over a narrow point in White Rock Lake… Early morning scenes much like this, brings it all back!

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