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Not having a garden ourselves yet, we have been scouring the county looking for sources of local fresh vegetables. LocalHarvest.com helped a little, but there is a noticeably bare patch right around where we live. We *could* drive 15-20 miles to the farmer’s markets in the nearby cities, but we are surrounded by farms! There *must* be someone selling fresh produce close by… and it is not the local market in Hanover, which carries no organics, and not even natural peanut butter.

At some point we noticed a sign on our way home from B’s parent’s place that said “Fresh veggies” with an arrow pointing up the road. We ignored it a few times since it was a little out of the way. Then we decided one Sunday to check it out. It is an unmanned stand with some of the best produce we have seen for very, very good prices.

There was a good variety too. As we go back each week (sometimes twice a week) we find new stock as the seasons come and go.

Little A bought some gladiolas, and a week later they are still blooming in the livingroom.

We decided to do what we would do if we had our own garden: take advantage of the bounty and do some pickling!

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5 thoughts on “Local harvest”

  1. Looks to me like you arre making AMPLE use of that 50mm lens on your camera, eh? Very nice photographie, I must say. Gorgeous. I like pickles too. Looking very nice.

  2. Yeah, nice pictures! How cool that they can leave an unmanned stand like that w/ such great produce. The last picture looks so good, picked peppers. Reminds me of Yoyong (Edna’s husband) and his concoction of garlic, peppers, herbs and spices.

  3. Yes, she is a nice little addition to my lens collection. Thanks for the compliments.

    We really like the trust system, and it actually makes us more likely to buy there, and even tip.

    I sure wish I had some sili peppers here…

    Oh, and to be honest “a little out of the way” really means an extra 5 minutes on my commute and maybe an extra 1.5 miles. It is more like “on the way”. It is around 7 and a half miles from our house.

  4. That produce looks great. It helps that you’re a good photogragher.
    What an interesting concept to leave a produce stand unmaned. Around here it would be a “free for all”.

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