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Big step for the Michigan Shacks. We are now officially home-owners. We also own a garden tractor (like a riding mower, only you can put a plow, tiller, cart, or even a back hoe on it), a shed, a pole-barn, and 1.61 acres of land. That is a lot of grass.

I know these are not really of the house, but we had more reasons to want to live here than just the house…

The next step? We plan to built a chicken yard in which to place a coop, and a few layers. Hillsdale county fair is at the end of September and we fully intend to win a few small livestock auctions. There may be a few rabbits in there too. Still not sure about a dog, but that may be around the corner. We will hold off on the goats for a little while. Maybe in the spring.

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9 thoughts on “Turn the page”

  1. Wow, lots more than the house! I love those trees! Is that soy beans growing?

  2. That would be the corn field accross the road. No adjacent soy this year. The way the land was split we did end up with a tiny corner of a corn field. We plan to harvest in the fall and use the corn for the chickens (not sure exactly what kind of corn it is). It may well be genetically modified, so maybe not. maybe I will just BURN IT! 😉

  3. I still think that tree is awesome! Wish we could be there enjoying your new place with you.

  4. love the framing of the last pic. that tree demands a weathered swing!

  5. Pete: Yes, it certainly does. We are keeping our eyes open for an old porch swing and some benches.

    Nathan: The pole barn really is pretty big. It looks fine with all the neighbors stuff in it, but I am not sure we will do it justice. It might take a few years to put it to good use (woodworking?).

  6. Wow! What great pictures! I am so glad for you guys and pretty impressed that you stayed within budget. Props to you for the investment in animals. I cannot wait to visit! We miss you guys.

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