Turn the page

Big step for the Michigan Shacks. We are now officially home-owners. We also own a garden tractor (like a riding mower, only you can put a plow, tiller, cart, or even a back hoe on it), a shed, a pole-barn, and 1.61 acres of land. That is a lot of grass.

I know these are not really of the house, but we had more reasons to want to live here than just the house…

The next step? We plan to built a chicken yard in which to place a coop, and a few layers. Hillsdale county fair is at the end of September and we fully intend to win a few small livestock auctions. There may be a few rabbits in there too. Still not sure about a dog, but that may be around the corner. We will hold off on the goats for a little while. Maybe in the spring.

Ubiquitous IM

I an playing with IMified.com, a tool that allows you to interact with various tools via IM. I can use it to manage my RTM items, Google calendar, and even post this entry to my blog. All through the IM client of my choice, which happens to be another online tool: Meebo.

Note: Posting did not quite work like I thought it would. The title was posted with a body of a single period. I will try again sometime…