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The place is 9 miles from work, and is surrounded by farm land. The seller owns 60+ acres and had recently finished building a new place further back from the road and decided to sell the original farm house. It was built in the 1800’s, and is in good condition. The basement is made with field stones (they are the stones that get turned up in a field when it is plowed), and the floor beams are logs, with bark. The floorboards on the first floor are made from one inch planks (unfortunately, they are currently covered in carpet). The total lot size is one and a third acres, which is plenty for what we would want to do. There are mature trees, and even a *huge* maple that looks to be over 200 years old that would probably take three men holding hands to hug it. Maybe that is not the best way to describe it’s girth, but you get the idea.

The seller, and soon to be neighbor is a very nice guy that loves the land, and the history that goes with it. I look forward to learning all the details myself. The fields that he owns are leased out and alternate crops between corn and soy.

The commute will be about 10 minutes, and all on beautiful country roads. There are villages 2 miles, 4 miles, 6 miles, and 9 miles away, so there are plenty of ways to find the services we need (post office, library, grocery, hardware, etc.). The closest bigger city is 16 miles away.

Oh, yeah, 3 bedrooms, one bathroom, a carport and veranda, a pole barn, and a two roomed shed. The master bedroom is actually two rooms, which is very nice for a sleeping/bed chamber and a sitting room.

If I left out some standard detail, just ask.

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  1. Sounds perfect for you guys. Congratulations for finding the right one. Hope all goes well with closing and move-in. Let us know when you want us to visit!

  2. Ariana: A pole barn is pretty much a barn made of poles. It is not a heavy-duty planks and beams type barn, and it usually is covered in aluminum siding. Economical and relatively low maintenance.

    Nathan: We close Aug. 10th, so give us a few weeks after that and we’ll be good. How about Labor Day?

  3. As a curious grandfather, wondering what the cost of the place might be? Sure looks like a nice place and you guys sure do deserve a nice place. There is something really special about moving into your very own place. More and more of the grandkids are doing just that. How wonderful, except they are all doing it in other states that CA.

    We moved into our own place on Valley Home and Russell in 1954, so we know the happy feeling.

  4. I’m curious about the basement. Is it a walk-in, stand up sort of place, or just storage, or?

  5. Here are the details on the basement:

    This picture shows the door to the basement… it is a bit hidden behind that tall green tree/bush.


    There isn’t an interior staircase down to it. The ceiling is high enough to stand, and it is pretty clean and dry down there, although not “finished.” We will probably put shelves down their and use it as a root cellar. There is also a window (also hidden by a bush) so there may be some potential to develop a finished work room, or something, although the ceilings wouldn’t be very high.

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