10 thoughts on “Luttenton homestead”

  1. I think she has planned out the possible colors for 3 of the rooms… some of the required red already exists on the outside!

    There is room for visitors… Not sure if we could handle the onslaught of family we had last fall, but a family or two here and there would definitely have a place to sleep.

  2. Very nice house! The lot looks nice and spacious and it looks like the house has an old farmhouse feel. Congrats. =)

  3. hurray! this is just the best home! I love the front porch and ALL the yard- I imagine a “sit-on” mower may be required?!

    can’t wait to come and visit- again, congrats. SO SO happy for you guys!!

    hey, want to meet at the dunes this coming Sunday (the 8th?)

  4. How great is that?!!! Neat place. What a dream for you and your family. I’m excited for you all.

  5. Wow! I’m a little ashamed to say I knew nothing about this place– unless it’s the one you made an offer on before your family vacation. How much land?

  6. No shame allowed. No one knew about this one, not even us, until last Tuesday. We made the offer on Wednesday. Yep, pretty quick. Now give me a few minutes and I will post all the details.

  7. Beautiful house! Even better that hugging a tree takes 2 friends 🙂

    Your description of the floor (in the other post) reminds me of my parent’s house – 2 brothers who relocated to Michigan from Ohio tore down their Ohio barn and brought it to Michigan (via horse and cart!), split the lumber, and made 2 houses out of it. The subfloor is barn siding, and the beams are all 12×12 rough hewn (some with bark) beams.

    It’s exciting to see the historic houses of Michigan not only still kicking, but being filled with life and families even today.

    Wow… that got sappy at the end

  8. Wow! this looks better than the one that “got away”.:)We never heard the term pole barn-looks like a good one.We are so happy for you!

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