This will be our last weekend in this house on the lake. The weather looks like it will be glorious, and although we will spend the bulk of it moving furniture and other heavy objects, we will still have a chance to enjoy it.

The next few months we will live in the upstairs of B’s parents house, which thankfully is quite spacious. The kids already have friends close by, and the daily commute will be about two thirds what it was. There will also be more car sharing, so the fuel budget should also go down. We are actually looking forward to this interlude in our housing journey.

We will miss some of our neighbors here (and their extended family), but are glad that we will not be so far away that getting together is impossible.

We will see how this multi-generational living thing works…

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2 thoughts on “Final”

  1. Hey, does that mean you’ll be living with Peter and Amanda as well? How wild a house that’d be! (c:

  2. Yes, we will be sad to see the house on the lake pass from the family too. We’ll still have warm memories of times with you there, not to mention a whole lot of great pictures Dan took.

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