Off grid

For the next few weeks we will eschew modern conveniences and may be devoured by black flies, or bears.

We did make a library run and I picked up several of Wendell Berry and Terry Pratchett’s novels, along with Evelyn Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited. I would love to say that I will tell you what I think of them, but realistically, this is the last I will probably mention it. I am a little more excited by the prospect of a warm wood stove, clear cold nights, long empty days, a tinkling creek nearby, lazy meals cooked over an open fire, slow walks through shady woods, and a wide world to watch.

We might turn our phones on briefly to check messages every once in a while… maybe…

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One thought on “Off grid”

  1. So where are you going? And for how many weeks? Is this because you are houseless(not to be confused with homeless..)?

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