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We found a house! But then, due to a odd confluence of events, our bid was canceled. Oh, and the house we are living in has been sold, and we will be out by the 15th of June… Yes, a bit sad and a little more scary, but it is not like we have not done this type of thing before.

So, the house that got away? It was a HUD house (Housing and Urban Development – US Gov.) that was being managed by a law firm. That law firm was transferring responsibility to a new law firm on the 15th, so all accepted bid *must* be under contract by that time or be canceled. Well… our agent is a real nice lady, and is not too pushy, and is nice to be around. Unfortunately, those traits that make her an enjoyable person do not translate into being a good real estate agent. The bids were chronically late (but accepted anyway), and when it came down to filling out the forms to the government agency’s (and law firm’s) liking, she just didn’t cut it. So, the bidding starts over. The problem is, the new firm has not provided a way to make bids yet. They have also added additional hoops for agents to jump through. So we will go on vacation, and see where things are when we get back. It is likely to still be available, so we can just pick up where we let off.

Yes, there was some wailing, and even some gnashing of teeth.

The folks who are buying this house (from what the Realtor tells us) are a young Christian family. They home school their 2 girls (8 and 12). That makes us happy.

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