The chase begins

So we were hunting, and after offers on 2 other houses, we made one that stuck. We found a place that is 3 miles from work, on 6 acres, with a 1700 sq. foot (manufactured) house w/ 3 bedrooms. It also has a 1400 sq. foot pole barn that has one half finished (wired, insulated, etc.) We are excited! Our closing date is the 18th of June.

As anyone knows who has bought house, this is just the beginning of a long tiring process. We are thankful for the two week reprieve we will be taking in the UP (Upper Peninsula). Then, back to chasing papers, packing, flipping out, and finally, more work. It will be rewarding in the end, but it still seems a little ways off.

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5 thoughts on “The chase begins”

  1. Wow! How exciting!! I think it sounds like a great house, and 6 acres really gives scope for the imagination! I can hardly wait to see some pictures!

  2. Wow congratulations!! It sounds like a great property with lots of potential! Good luck with all of the upcoming changes. =)

  3. This gave me butterflies, since we are hoping to be in the same boat soon. We should know which city we’ll be living in within three weeks, and then our hunt begins. Congratulations! I hope you can enjoy the work…

  4. Wonderful news! Sounds like just what you were looking for.PTL

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