Round and round the rugged rock…

This little guy was running laps around the perimeter of the yo-yo, taking an occasional break to catch his breath. We seriously watched him run 10 laps, but that was 10 minutes after first noticing that he was making his way around the toy. He did maybe 30-40 total before getting tired and heading for the grass…

Why would we ever want a TV?

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2 thoughts on “Round and round the rugged rock…”

  1. Okay, so maybe we enjoy this so much because we don’t have TV! I love that we actually notice this sort of thing. And the kids do, too. They have also caught two baby painted turtles that they have named Art and Myrtle. Late in the afternoon the light reflections give them the illusion that they could swim right through the glass of their little aquarium. I can’t help laughing as I watch them swimming furiously trying to break free. Poor little guys! It is a good thing Ariana still takes them for little walk/swims in the lake everyday!

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