Well, we are on the lookout for a house. It is time we stopped renting and bought a place of our own. So, how do super frugal folk go about deciding to jump into 30 years of debt? Very carefully, and with lots of stress. So here is what we are looking for:

  • Someplace close to work. When we say close, we mean less than a 10 minute drive, and possibly close enough to walk.
  • Somewhere with ready access to nature. When you are homeschooling, a cramped house on a tiny city lot is not exactly conducive to continuing the effort. This would also allow for a much more open science curriculum.
  • Somewhere with a bit of space. We would love to raise some animals, specifically goats, rabbits and chickens. That type of living requires a little bit of space (I am thinking >0.5 acre).
  • Someplace for less than 100k. I am not making plans for my salary to increase, B should not *have* to work, and a low mortgage would provide for a flexible living standard. Like I said, super frugal.

The interesting thing is, we might be able to do it. The real estate market is dropping here, and everywhere you drive there are signs. It is a pretty good time for us to buy. The other circumstances that signal that our time is at hand is the sale of the house we are in. It has been a great place to live, and I am content with the time we have spent here. It has given our kids some roots, and opened them up to the joys of nature. It has connected them with their grandpa and his history. They will remember.

This was also the house we lived in for the first six months of married life, and the house that little A came home to after she was born almost 12 years ago. It makes me happy that my entire family has been here, to share this place with us.

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6 thoughts on “Hunting”

  1. Hey Daniel, I couldn’t help but laugh when I read your blog. I don’t mean any disrespect or anything but goodness, how amazing to be able to say that you are looking for a house UNDER 100k! Thank goodness you live in a state where that is even a possibility! Your mortgage will probably be half if not less than half of what Chris and I are paying for a two bedroom apartment here in LA.
    If you are really frugal pay off the house in 15 years and cut off most of the intrest. =0)
    Have fun house hunting!

  2. I think your criteria are pretty reasonable and we’ll be praying that you find it!

    Goats should have a bit of space, but I think you can get away with even a 1/4 acre if zoning allows (and depending on how many goats).

  3. You can laugh Gretchen. Even here we are shooting low, but not so low that it is absurd. Foreclosures abound, and this is just the beginning of the “big drop”. The longer we can wait, the better off we will be.

    It is sad though, all those folks out there that got in over their heads, and now we are happy because we can afford a house that they lost.

    Thanks Chris! I think zoning here is pretty specific about how big the lot has to be in order to have specific types of animals here. It might even be 1 acre to raise goats. Of course we will track all that down before we slap down someone else’s money.

  4. We’ll be waiting to hear how the hunt is going.I’m sure the Lord has just the right one for you.

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