Holiday pastime

B won

Whenever we get together with Michigan family these days, we play games after dinner. Usually a game of Catan, followed by a game of Bohnanza. Every once in a while we throw in some Card-Head (a common game with a altered name to make it kid-friendly).

We are an interesting mix of competitive women and relaxed non-competitive men (with the exception of B’s parents who seem to be the reverse). This time the Center Shacks beat down the rest. It’s ok, we will give them plenty more chances to not lose.

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  1. Amusing. While my my father slept, my mom and I got out a puzzle today. Christy headed off to nap as well, and by the time she was up we had kicked out 300 pieces of the 500 piece puzzle. We finished not long after. The funny part is that mom and I trash-talk when working on puzzles collaboratively, but never when playing competitively.

  2. I’ve been playing quite a bit of Settlers with my housemates. They’re hilarious, very competetive and they rearrange the board every game. People out here haven’t heard of Bohnanza, but I’ve mentioned it a few times lately while talking about my visit out there last month. Sitting back and playing games is a great center-piece for conversations and being with people. (c:

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