Lenten observance

I am “giving up” Internet browsing at home for lent. I would give it up at work too, but It is sort of what I get paid to do. I just added the rules to my router (recently upgraded to Linux), and I should have it set to allow only non-browsing traffic through to my system here, and the iBook.

Here are my reasons:

  1. I spend too much time doing nothing on the computer
  2. I spend too little time playing with the kids
  3. I spend too little time reading *real* stuff
  4. When I have the Internet to browse, I am too lazy to take pictures
  5. The Internet is not my spiritual guide
  6. God is just waiting for me to pay attention (I really should not waste his time)
  7. I am being a poor example to my family
  8. My muscle is slowly turning into fat
  9. The Internet is mostly a pointless waste of time
  10. It is too easy to stay up too late
  11. My wife is prettier than this stupid screen
  12. I really should get started on my cheese-making hobby
  13. teh internets r stoopid

Practically, this will mean that I will not be checking blogs or doing pointless research at home. I will still have access to email, and chatty type stuff, but no surfing. Fortunately, this blog is actually on my home computer, so I may still post…

Who’s with me?

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6 thoughts on “Lenten observance”

  1. Well, I am not sure I can give up internet since your children’s education is still dependent on it… Okay, maybe next year, when I have this curriculum figured out. And since I don’t buy the paper to check all the grocery ads… hmmm, I guess I could buy the paper for 40 days. Anyway, I am so glad that you think I am prettier than your computer screen… is that REALLY a compliment? Just kidding… I am glad to have you spending more time looking at me 😉 and explaining what a “Router” is to our first “love child” and what “big huge tuna” is to our second “love child!” Thank you for being a good example to me and to the kids!

  2. I agree with all your reasons Tech_Sam. (c: I won’t be giving up the internet, but I will be drifting away from it more. I’ve been browsing, skimming, ‘surfing’ etc.. HOURS and hours. It’s such a waste. I’m making a change to be more pointed about my time spent ‘on’.

    ‘Cause my blog is one of the only ways a bunch of people keep in easy contact with me.. I’m keeping that up. And the checking blogs. But wandering is teh suxxors.

    With your wisdom about meals and parkour ableness.. i suppose it should be said, “what parkour?”… well that’s one thing to practice at with this newfound time. Cheers and happy Lenten time.

  3. I agree. Too much time doing basically nothing– but not fully enjoying the nothingness. Better to read a book, take a bath, play a board game– the kind of time wasting activities you actually remember and enjoy.

  4. I thought, “Wow, Ariana has sure influenced Jeff, that sounds just like what SHE would say!” 🙂

  5. So I eventually got around to cutting sugar for lent. And really, I have been living on reduced portions of the internets for a while.

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