Remarkable milestone

We have reached a point where we have a new coffee drinker in the house. She has arrived at this point according to the rites and traditions of the family.

I remember my graduation to coffee drinker in Butuan (yes, at 12!) when I began dumping nescafe, sugar and powdered milk into hot water. I now shudder at the thought, and know that my daughter will know good coffee before she even starts heading for Starbuck’s when she has her own car.

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3 thoughts on “Remarkable milestone”

  1. hey cool! welcome the that milestone time, i guess. I’m glad I finally made it a couple years ago. (jk).

    Hey tech_sam, speaking of coffee, i’ve a bit of the Christmas left (i used a lot while with mom and dad), but will grind up what is left on tuesday when I have breakfast w/ ariana (the elder). Thanks again, it tastes so good! I insisted on mom brewing some of yours after having a bit of theirs one morning. Sigh. Maybe I should send them some coffee.

  2. Oh yes! A real milestone! Congrats, A, from G-daddy & Lola! Enjoy the coffee! Yes, ours isn’t very good coffee, and we really enjoyed Luke’s largesse!

  3. Coffee! I never drank it as a kid and only began in the Army. During my years as a salesman, many clients would suggest we go for coffee. I began drinking tea or cocoa, and eventually quit it altogether. Haven’t had any in a really long time. Grammy drinks decaf, however.
    Daniel mentioned Lent, and he was searing off looking at blogs for the duration. I forget when Lent begins, know it ends at Easter, but I am looking at blogs.
    Great recipes! Will get Grammy on the job to take them down. Poppa

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