Mama’s Carnitas

We have started planning a single meat dish each week that provides a basis for many sub-meals throughout the week, and provides a single source for all meat eaten each week. Last week it was carnitas, using a recipe provided by mom. While overseas, many holiday meals were celebrated with Mexican fare rather than American, and carnitas was usually on the table.

This particular dish ends up providing the base for 6 other meals which either use the meat, the broth, or both. Here is how it usually works:

  • Carnitas:
    • Quesadillas (using the meat with black beans and salsa)
    • Tortilla soup (using the meat and the broth, with black beans, tomatoes, yogurt, and tortilla chips)
    • Black beans and rice (using the meat and the broth with rice, salsa, tomatoes, and cheese)
      • Burritos (using the meat, the black beans and rice, and condiments)
      • Chipotle rice soup (using the broth, the meat, and the black beans and rice)
    • Tacos/Burritos (using the meat)

The recipe:

Mama’a Carnitas

1 bone-in pork shoulder (about 7 lb.)
1 1/2 quarts chicken broth
1 large onion, quartered
1 Tablespoon coriander seed (whole)
1 Tablespoon cumin seed (whole)
2 teaspoons fresh oregano or 1 teaspoon dried oregano
4 canned chipotle chilies in sauce or 4 whole dried chipotles
2 bay leaves

To a 7-8 quart pan, add all ingredients. Add enough water to cover the pork. Cover and bring to a boil on high heat, and reduce to a simmer. Cook until meat pulls off easily with a fork (5-6 hours).

Remove meat from pot and shred into a casserole dish. Bake pork uncovered in a 450 F oven until lightly browned and sizzling, about 20 minutes.

I neglected to take pictures this time, but I promise to take some next time.

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3 thoughts on “Mama’s Carnitas”

  1. wow, that doesn’t sound like any carnitas i have ever had, that sounds killer. I think we might try that! All the carnitas i have ever tried were like, completely drenched in greasiness, and slid down my throat accidentaly on occasion! “Seasoned, were they?” you might ask… No way, jose.

  2. Sounds like a week of good eatin’. Wish you lived here, since I am looking for someone to go in on a big order of grassfed beef with me. Hmmm…

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