Freezer land

Over the last few weeks our world transitioned from a bleak muddy brown to a crisp and sparkling landscape of extremes. Today the high is 4°F, but this morning it was -1°F with 20+ MPH winds. The sun has been out, so it seems like a cheery Michigan winter outside, but only those with full snow suits are out and about (mostly speeding around on snowmobiles). We did have plenty of opportunity to get out before the frigid temps took over, and enjoyed the frozen lake and snow for a good week. Things should be more bearable outside later in the week, and we look forward to even more outdoor winter fun. We are thinking of harvesting some lake ice to build with…

I took some picture from the first weekend with a real good freeze on the lake and some significant snow. It warmed up to 38°F that day, and the following day it piled on the snow. It was a great day in the snow with Peter, and we were able to get some good skating and sledding in before EZ broke his arm (again). It was the final of three injuries that he sustained that weekend, and the most serious. Earlier he crashed his sled into a trailer hitch because he did not understand what I meant when I said “Remember to bail out if it looks like you might crash”, but he did not bother to clarify (what a time to *stop* asking questions). He hurt his ankle, but ended up just fine. Later, he was running on the ice and slipped and hit his head. Also not serious, but he has this way of screaming that lets onlookers know that not only did it hurt, but he it totally pissed off about it, and someone should pay. At the end of the weekend (yes, Sunday), he and A asked if they could slide down the basement stairs while we were at Gma and Gpa’a house. Sure, have fun. It turned out that they were sliding down on their knees, and the stairs were pretty steep. A few minutes into this activity that blood-boiling scream erupted from the basement. EZ decided that he was going too fast, and tried to stop himself on the second to bottom step, and flew forward. A was crying because his scream made it seem like he had been impaled, and she thought he had hit his face or something. He calmed down, and we thought we would see how things went that evening. B took him in to get x-rays in the morning, and his arm was fractured. In the same place as last time. And the time before that. Somehow, the glow-in-the-dark cast made it all seem worth it.

Slaves at work

Ice hockey puck

A is ready for the next shot

My alien

Take me to your leader

We are indoors this weekend. I am making yogurt, kefir sourdough starter, and carnitas, while B is reconstructing our bed canopy, rearranging the bedroom, creating a reading corner in the studio, and doing general organizing. The kids have been reading, fighting over said reading corner, washing dishes, and sweeping. Overall is has been a rather productive cold weekend.

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4 thoughts on “Freezer land”

  1. Ouch!So sorry to hear about that broken arm!And the other bumps and bruses on poor Ethan.Loved ariana’s sno angel!

  2. I love that photo of the dock and the surrounding ice. That’s when it seems really foreign to me. The ice, I mean. An that white expanse, how beautiful…until the snowmobiles rip it up.

  3. The cast hasn’t slowed Ethan down at all, and it actually provides an extra layer of warmth on that arm. We have banned ice skating since he still isn’t very good at it and with balance and things, it is more his head I am worried about. But he did have fun yesterday sliding down a hill on his stomach like a penguin a la Tux Racer. He ended up happy, but with a lot of snow down his collar!

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