Mighty rearranging

B is at it again, and we are working on changing the layout of our house. We are not used to being in the same house for so long, and we usually wait for a move to do a thorough cleaning and furniture reconfig. Since we have not moved, we have to work up the potential energy to do it anyway. The sun is out, it is a little cold outside, Christmas is coming, and the new rug arrived (I will wait for B to tell about that one). That was enough potential to get the ball rolling…

I have a roast event today, so the garage is all set up. The 40 lbs. of green coffee that have been sitting in the studio should get distributed today. I will also roast samples to see what they are like. I have already roasted some of the Daterra (from Brazil) and it is the base for my Christmas blend. The other two are both Ethiopian, Lekempti and Yirgacheffe. These are both varieties that I have not had before, but they both have good reviews. The Yirg is supposed to have a bit of apricot in it…

Anyway, that is the news from Round Lake.

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  1. It’s good to hear how you guys are doing. I know how it is to want to get everything turned upside down every once in a while. Especially before Christmas when people are visiting and new things infilterate the house.

    I hope you all have a really wonderful Christmas.

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