Fiddling again

I have added a little chat feature to the menu. It uses meebome to send me messages, directly from my blog. Interesting, no? If you want to let me know who you are before you start chatting, use the “edit nick” field and put in your own name.

Go ahead, give it a spin!

Testing note:

If you move your cursor off the little chat window, it will go away and the contents will be lost. You will also not get a response from me. I don’t have a multi-column layout, so I don’t have a good place to stick it. I may have to break out some css-fu and add a pin feature.

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One thought on “Fiddling again”

  1. Daniel,

    I doubt very much whether you even remember me. Somehow or other I found a link to your and Bethany’s site while searching for something entirely different. Your photo albums had no picture of your face, and it was only when I scrolled the main page that I found one. Both you and Bethany look, to me, just as you did when I knew you. It is late, and I am tired, so I shall not write anything more this evening. It is, however, because I did then and do now hold you in high regard, that I wrote anything at all.



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