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  1. OSCON? Never in my long life did I ever think that one of OUR family would be so honored as being invited to OSCON. Incredible.
    And by the way, what do the letters stand for? I do know it was in Portland, in which lovely and rainy town I grew up. My memories of all the worms in the gutters after a big rain will always remain. Also, when they built a house it had a basement. For a furnace burning sawdust. But watching the mules as they pulled the mobile shovels with a man behind was fun. Had to start out a ways to get the slope right for bringing the dirt up. Buys with shovels had to finish it up, a bit primitive from our present vantage point but that is the way it was done. OSCON, huh?

  2. Invitation would be a little off, I think. I believe it cost the organization I work for thousands to have the honor of my presence among so many geeks. OSCON Statds for Open Source CONvention, and is an annual gathering of those who develop programs wherein the code is freely available to a community (public). I am not sure I would quite lump myself into that group, but part of my role in the organization is to find open source tools to use in our solutions. Most of the servers I maintain run open source operating systems, and the majority of tools I use are open source as well.

    Portland is an interesting town, and I think I would like to visit again. I will admit that the highlight of our time in Portland was neither the convention, nor the city itself, but the time spent with family there.

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