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If you have not received a invitation to music trading site, I still have 3 left. If you want to know more details… it is a site that connects people and their CD collections, to other people and their CD collections for the purposes of $1 trading. I must say, so far, so good. I finally got rid of some of those BMG mishaps of my youth in exchange for music that I actually like listening to. I hope that is what those I traded with have experienced as well.

If you are interested, comment, and I will send you an invite. If you join and trade I will get a shirt! Oh, and my username there is Samaritan.

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Hey, I run the place.

5 thoughts on “la la la”

  1. You know I’m interested! I tried to check that out once then realized I needed to be invited. So please do, if you don’t mind. Thanks, Daniel.

  2. unrelated to post, but related to a comment on my blog: is it still rude netiquette if you take it from google image search? (on behalf of a friend of mine).

  3. If you are referring to the thumbnail that google displays in the search results; yes, it is still rude, even if it is a huge company. In that case, and the case of other cached images, it is mostly unreliable, but still as rude as taking the plush robe from the hotel. Ok, maybe more like the shampoo. We are talking poor form here, not misdemeanors.

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