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We are up to day 26 and the count is 3528 spam messages for my address alone. The funny thing is, I also have addresses that I use when I sign up/register online, but they don’t see nearly the spam levels.

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  1. My mail has been set up for years so that anything going to our domain that didn’t match a username was dumped into my ‘spambox’, which shows as a folder in my IMAP mailbox. I used to have a mailbox for the user ‘spam’. And recently we added a feature (well, discovered it has always been in SendMail) that allows us to append a plus sign and then anything at all to the end of a username and it gets delivered to the right mailbox. (for example nathan+techsamislooney@mydomain would go to nathan@mydomain.) Yet still I get some for my primary address. I think the main ones I get are from real people who have my address, but then send me some mass forward (bad form, especially without checking Snopes…) and don’t use the BCC option (really bad form, no email for you!) But that’s a lot of messages. Dang.

  2. I guess I’m not as cool as you guys, I get almost 0 spam. The only email I get spam at is my gmail and old old old hotmail addresses, because I’ve used them for signing up for stuff.

  3. I have about six e-mail addresses. One we switched over to a different hosting company and it seems like I get about 20 spams a day now. Before I didn’t get any. The only difference is hosting. Have you guys had that happen before?

  4. Some ISPs are more vigilant than others about spam, and some are targeted because they are not vigilant. It could be that new host is one that does not have a good track record…

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