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If you have not received a invitation to music trading site, I still have 3 left. If you want to know more details… it is a site that connects people and their CD collections, to other people and their CD collections for the purposes of $1 trading. I must say, so far, so good. I finally got rid of some of those BMG mishaps of my youth in exchange for music that I actually like listening to. I hope that is what those I traded with have experienced as well.

If you are interested, comment, and I will send you an invite. If you join and trade I will get a shirt! Oh, and my username there is Samaritan.

Provocation #9 & 10

This puts fire in my belly, and encourages me to pick up my walking stick. The passion to live what I believe feels stifled, the will to act is strong, the fear of the unknown, and the desire to protect my family keeps me in check. But that is where I feel pulled. Is my faith really strong enough to just follow? Just act? I am Peter, sinking in the sea. I have stepped out, and lived a miracle, and now I look down in doubt and call out. I can hear the response.

Christ says: Do according to what I say � then you shall know. Consequently, decisive action first of all. By acting, your life will come into collision with existence, and then you will know the reality of grace. Nowadays we have turned the whole thing around. Christianity has become a world view. Thus, before I get involved I must first justify it. Good night to Christianity! Now doubt has surely conquered. And this doubt can never be halted by reasons, which only nourish doubt. No, doubt can only be halted by imitation. The objections to Christianity may be dismissed with one single comment: Do these objections come from someone who has carried out the commands of Christ? If not, all his objections are nonsense. Christ continually declares that we must do what he says � and then we will know that it is truth.

A conviction is not firmly fixed when everyone presses upon it equally and holds it firm. No, its true stability is revealed when everything is in question.

Provocations are taken from Provocations: The Spiritual Writings of Kierkegaard