On Sunday we worshiped at the Dahlem Center. It was a nice change to be out as a family, doing something we all enjoy. When we pulled up to the entrance, there was a big sign that announced that there would be a “Prairie Burning”. Ethan was immediately excited about the burning part, never mind that he did not know what a prairie was. We packed some tuna sandwiches, and ate in the car before we hiked. We really should have brought water bottles. The hike was beautiful, the kids were good (we will overlook the six-year-old fingers poking at the camera lens, and the blubbering that resulted). The burning started a little late, and we had already been out for two and a half hours. It may have been a little anticlimactic; about 20 minutes in, Ethan asked if we could leave.

As we hiked back to the car, the sun was filtering through the green leaves, and making the forest look full of the possibility of magic. The kids were tired out, and we arrived home with enough time to eat tortilla soup before the kids went to bed. I blended some coffee, and roasted a large batch with the heat gun and dog bowl. It is a wonderful blend of Columbian/Ethiopian Harrar/Zambian, and I decided that it was worth keeping a larger blended batch around. I am letting it rest for a few days, and it is smelling awful good.

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  1. Nice pic! Sounds like a good day to burn. Hey, about the coffee. Do you get your beans from the same co-op that Nathan does? I went on there and the whole thing seems a bit difficult to navigate. Most of what I wanted wasn’t available. Where else can an aspiring home roaster get his beans on?

  2. Jeff, I have bought all my coffee through the, although I ususally have to wait until they offer something I want. There is also the, which is really just a forum for a more loose kind of buying. The Coop does not have anything to offer at the moment, and the Club is a little light as well. So when the cheap coffee gets scarce, you go to They have a very good selection, and compared to buying roasted coffee, the price is good, although not even close to the deals from the other two. There are a bunch of other online shops to buy green coffee. If you like I can put to gether a list, although i have not used any of them so I cannot recomend any.

  3. I recently ordered a pound each of 3 coffees from Sweet Marias, due to the lack of options elsewhere. I realized that I have had several coffees that I didn’t realize I didn’t like till the 5 pounds arrived at my door. I think I like this method… if I don’t like it, I’m only stuck with a pound. If I like it, I can hop back on that day and order 5 pounds (or more.) Now if only it would arrive….

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