Well, after taking a week break from browsing, I am trying to figure out what was gained. If the point was to reduce the amount of time wasted in our house, we failed miserably. We can always find other ways to “waste” time. If the goal was to step back and evaluate the place for browsing in our life, it was a success. Much of our communication with others is through blogs, and that was sorely missed, but much time is also lost in blogrolling of pointless blogs. One of my first tasks when I jumped back on was to thin out the blogs that I read regularly. I don’t really need to read 30+ food blogs. The other area of reduction is the mind-numbing trolling via StumbleUpon, and chasing blog and google trails. After stepping back, it disturbingly resembles channel-surfing. So, I will try to be a little more purposeful about browsing, and when that purpose is achieved, or seen as unachievable, I will get off. I hope.

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  1. I’ve been ruminating for 24 hours on how to respond to this. I have never installed StumbleUpon or toobars in Firefox for that very reason; I get way too distracted and waste way too much time surfing as it is. And I have mostly reduced my not-at-work browsing to doing specific research, and reading blogs of people I know. It helps some, but I still waste way too much time at this whirring box of light.

  2. ditto.

    I had stumbleupon installed for a while, but have not used it for at least 6 months. I reached a point where I was pretty bored and had run out of browsing locations. I already checked friends and family blogs, checked a couple webcomics that I follow, the news, (or often outlandish science claims),, and.. i felt like I didn’t have anything more to look at. So a friend recommended reddit. Which took up the slack that I felt. dc: But I’m cutting back. I’m tired of the time drain.

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