Turn off Internet week

This is turn off TV week, but since we don’t own one, we will turn off our real time waster: The Internet. Well, not the whole Internet, just the bit that connects to our house. Personally, I think one week is not enough. It takes closer to 4 weeks to form and break habits, and one might just give you a hankerin’. Yes, the Internet is a bad habit in our house, and we need to take it down many notches.

I will still be somewhat connected at work, since that is sort of my job, but it will be greatly reduced. At home we might allow checking of email, but even that is on the chopping block. Perusing blogs is definitely out, so the best bet for connecting with us is a phone call.

I will leave you with a challenge to shut off whatever is the greatest distraction from thought in your house, whether TV, radio, magazines, newspaper, netflix, or Internet. Step back, see what fills the void. Enjoy the silence and space.

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4 thoughts on “Turn off Internet week”

  1. Hey, that’s a good idea. Maybe we’ll try it sometime. Carol already made the move by not blogging for Holy Week. I probably didn’t either, but that wasn’ t because of any discipline on my part.

  2. Also, our tv broke so we haven’t been using it, by default. The arrival of Spring has been a bit of a show all by itself…

  3. i don’t watch t.v. but I have to agree that computers/internet is EXTREMELY time consuming. Ask gma how much time I spend at home on the comp (figuring stuff out, e-mailing, or chatting with some far-off friend or relative). I’d like to do a “no computer week (or two?)” but… it’d take some planning. Maybe during the summer.

  4. Ha! I cheated. Actually, it seemed weird to not know what you wrote. Especially, after getting some strange reports from people who read it. We had slightly dfferent rules for this week, so I was really curious about what kind of announcement you made. Actually, I keep thinking of when the Christ said, “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.” I know this isn’t the sabbath, but the same principle seems to apply. That means, to me, that if the rule becomes more important than the reason that it was implemented in the first place then it only becomes an additional burden instead of being a way to lighten the burden. That said, it has been interesting to become more aware of what I use the internet for. Communication is good! I need to do more of that! My little “rabbit trails”, as you call them, are a huge time waster! So I need to be careful not to get lost down a trail with my nose to the ground, not realizing what else in the world I might be missing. And I am thinking it is time to rearrange the regular week. Don’t you think Thursday should be the end of the week so I can check all the blogs I am missing out on!!!

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