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If, when preparing to drive your car, you inadvertently pull the lever on the left instead of the one on the center console, do not drive away. Get out of your car, open and shut your hood, then get back in a proceed to drive.

Yes. This is from experience. You could head down the highway, and have your hood fly up, smashing into your windshield. It really is rather disturbing. It is also rather expensive to have your hood replaced, and your fenders repaired where the metal arms of the hood twisted grotesquely under the strain. Probably what your knees would look like, were they forced to bend in the direction they are not supposed to bend. Or elbows, I suppose. Either way, it was not pretty, and it was just plain stupid.

That was in January. I can talk about it now.

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  1. I sense that there might be a story to go with this good advise… Might be nice to hear… 🙂

  2. Very humble and gracious to share this with us. I’ll try and remember the advice. What is fortunate for me is that my hood opens reverse normal hoods, so unless I stopped really fast.. it’ll stay down even with such a mistake. Sorry it happened, maybe it’ll be funnier to you as time goes by?

  3. What, you mean that is not funny? I laughed an embarrassed little laugh at the time, and I think I laughed when I pulled off the road to call B.

  4. Ugh. But in the other side, even though you were temporarily blinded, you didn’t crash into anything. Laughing beats crying…

  5. Ouch. I feel your pain… No truly I do!
    12 years ago… coming home with my first Real paycheck after college…
    I remember driving down the road and smelling carmel corn where I had never smelled it before… I thought, “Someone must have opened a new factory!” So I’m looking around for the carmel corn factory and at least one kind soul was flashing his lights behind me…
    Perhaps a minute later, my little car suddenly started to slow, and I hadn’t moved the gas pedal. Uh Oh. Push harder. UH OH! Really slowing down… I limped to the side of the road and my little car died in a smokey heap.
    Near as I could figure out, the coolant hadn’t been changed in quite a while… Dad never bothered so I didn’t either… Well, something in the radiator failed and the little car overheated, burning the oil on the outside of the engine… Carmel Corn Smell… a gasket failed and shot the coolant into the block which cracked it and as I limped to the side of the road I seized a piston.
    I guess I learned two lessons; one, to take care of my vehicle’s cooling system and two, to prepare for the worst if I smell carmel corn.
    Goodbye little car. We had many good miles together.

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