I am in the beginning stages of developing a ruby based interface for rsnapshot, and am hoping to find others who are interested in contributing. I think it should be a pretty straight forward project, but I would love to have more eyes on the code than mine. What I hope to do:

  • Make a GUI for the config file
  • Make a web interface for browsing and recovering files from the snapshot tree
  • Provide a way to authenticate via LDAP
  • Provide utilities for setting ACLs, compressing recovered files, running snapshot now
  • Do it all with Ruby

So, if anyone else is interested, I would welcome input.

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2 thoughts on “RedSnapper”

  1. i read some ruby code/narrative one time. i like photos and web stuff… i’m not qualified at all. i’m offering my moral support and curiosity.

  2. I am interested in this idea/project, hopefully it’s not dead. Please feel free to contact me if this is something you would like to go forward with.

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