Give me rest.

Today I am weary. I have been feeling this way for a while, but today I just feel exhausted. I am tired of the talk, and I am tired of listening. I am tired of staying quiet. I am tired of business, and tired of church. I am weary of culture, and sick of news. My spirit is worn.

I don’t want to hear it. Really, I don’t. I am not seeking anything but rest. I am tired of hearing other people’s knowledge, as if sharing it makes it ours. I am tired of technology, the pinnacle of Man. I am tired of new things, just let me exist.

I am tired of community being something discussed. Throw out that word, I just want friends. I am tired of words getting in the way of beauty. I am tired of faith being a topic.

What is good, and what is required:
Live Justly
Love Mercy
Walk Humbly with your God

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7 thoughts on “Give me rest.”

  1. After an “exceptional day of whining customers, whining subcontractors, whining dog, whining parents at basketball practice, whining kids, frustration with our government after listening to rush and sean. After “barking” my kids to bed. This hit me at just the right time. Thanks.

  2. Yep, different place but some of the same stuff. I guess I’m really glad that “faith’ isn’t mixed in with the drivel that we sort through.

  3. Hey, I hear ya. I like your honesty. It seems that so often it’s at those times where God starts using me the most.

  4. i know this is a bit unrelated, but I thought you’d like this site. I’d recommend going back through “previous episode” and take a look at some of the other pictures he’s taken. This guy is a junior in highschool, pretty talented and thoughtful.

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