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Today, my friends, was a very beautiful day. The sun was out, and the sky… it was just that deep wonderful blue. Ethan was off to see trains with Grandpa, B wanted to veg, so I took Ariana on a photo shoot. She was armed with my A40, and I took the Konica. We drove into Jackson, and after a brief bit of instruction, we were off, snapping at anything that did not move. She followed me around and pointed her camera in the same general direction as mine. After about 30 minutes, her batteries died, so we stopped in at Huron Camera for some AA’s. We talked about design concepts, rule of thirds, and about what looks cool. We shivered and rubbed our hands. An hour in her card filled up, so we stepped into the Library for a little clean up. I looked through and we weeded out some blurry shots, doubles, and ones that just lacked interest. Eventually we headed back to the car, and did a little more clean up, and then drove to Nomad Bookhouse for coffee and root beer. We sat and browsed through “The Greatest Photography, National Geographic”, and “Drawing for Dummies”. Then we headed out again and she filled her card, and I finished up with some shots of St. Mary Star of the Sea church, which also happened to be where I had my first job in Michigan.

It was a nice, low-key, fun outing, and I think Ariana may really start to understand photography if we keep it up. The elements of design are pretty easy to teach, but it is the intuitiveness of experience that really changes shots from nice, to stunning.

Ariana descends from a successful shot. Aranging her shot.

I have uploaded my results to both flickr and the albums. I will set up a flickr account for her, and I will post a link shortly.

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7 thoughts on “Shoot Jackson”

  1. What a great father/daughter outing, and the results are very nice to see! Nice work, both of you!

  2. I went to go visit my parents saturday… I took my camera with me just because it was so beautiful, but I didn’t manage to get anything, including the camera out of my backpack.

    Looks like some nice pics came out of it, I was just checking flickr this morning

  3. I see that besides your skills with the computer, you are also proficient with the camera. Looks like the two of you had a fun day.

  4. I’m looking forward to seeing some of A’s photos. I’ll bet she had such a great time.

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