I changed the header again. The other one looked too… hmmm… fruity. It reminded me of “New Age” albums and spiritual insight books. I decided that bold with a hint of whimsy was a better idea. The image is from a magnificent sunrise the other morning. The image looked like that out of the camera because I was testing the sunset mode that pumps up the color in-camera. I don’t think I will use that mode much, but it produced this lively header.

I have also followed friends back to Gallery2, and it is now available again in the pages menu under ‘Albums’. Rural decay pictures are up there, and I think there are more than I have on Flickr, so you can see the ones that I decided not to put up.

In other developments, I am hacking with Ruby again, and this time looking at Nitro. I may host an app or two here at home to see how it works from outside. Nitro is like Rails, only not as complex (I think). I am trying to use it for a project at work as well, but I still am not sure it fits that need.

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5 thoughts on “Adjustments”

  1. I like the photo. In addition to losing the floofy new-ageish look, you also picked up a lot of rich color and texture. Gives a much nicer feel. I like it.

  2. Thanks!

    B tells me that the “…whole life” part is too big… hmm. Maybe more adjustments are on their way.

  3. I like the banner, not so fruity. It depends how much you want to showcase the image. If it’s more about the image then the text is too big.

  4. Well, along the lines of ‘geeky’ I was thinking about re-formatting my hard-drive (again) and putting the latest version of Ubuntu on, and having that as the primary OS and using either Wine or another virtual server (is that the right name for it?) to run XP on. I know my laptop’s memory isn’t really suited for that level of processor power, but it might solve my drive dichotomy by essentially, having both OS’ available at the same time. What do yout think about this Daniel? Is it logical?

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