I am in the beginning stages of developing a ruby based interface for rsnapshot, and am hoping to find others who are interested in contributing. I think it should be a pretty straight forward project, but I would love to have more eyes on the code than mine. What I hope to do:

  • Make a GUI for the config file
  • Make a web interface for browsing and recovering files from the snapshot tree
  • Provide a way to authenticate via LDAP
  • Provide utilities for setting ACLs, compressing recovered files, running snapshot now
  • Do it all with Ruby

So, if anyone else is interested, I would welcome input.

Provocation #7

Teach me, Lord, that the fight of faith is not a fight with doubt, thought against thought, but a fight for character. Enable me to see that human vanity consists in having to understand. Save me from the vanity of not being willing to obey like a child, and of wanting to be like a grown man who has to understand. Help me to realize that he who will not obey when he cannot understand does not, in any essential sense, obey you at all. Make me a believer, a “character man,” who, unreservedly obedient, sees it as necessary for his character’s sake that he must not always understand. Make me willing to believe even when I cannot understand.

Provocations are taken from Provocations: The Spiritual Writings of Kierkegaard

Give me rest.

Today I am weary. I have been feeling this way for a while, but today I just feel exhausted. I am tired of the talk, and I am tired of listening. I am tired of staying quiet. I am tired of business, and tired of church. I am weary of culture, and sick of news. My spirit is worn.

I don’t want to hear it. Really, I don’t. I am not seeking anything but rest. I am tired of hearing other people’s knowledge, as if sharing it makes it ours. I am tired of technology, the pinnacle of Man. I am tired of new things, just let me exist.

I am tired of community being something discussed. Throw out that word, I just want friends. I am tired of words getting in the way of beauty. I am tired of faith being a topic.

What is good, and what is required:
Live Justly
Love Mercy
Walk Humbly with your God

Thank you nature!

A few years ago, back when we lived in the *dry* land of sunshine (as opposed to one of the wet ones), our little hiking troupe faced a fierce offensive from the animal world. It started out kind of cute, but that squirrel chased us for about a 1/4 mile. In the end Ariana was screaming and Jeremy and I were ready to stomp the thing to death, if we were not so scared that it would jump on us. I would much rather take on a rattler, or even a cobra, than a aggressive squirrel. After arriving back here, where there are millions of squirrels, and poisonous snakes are rare, I found this card, that accurately portrays the feelings we felt that day.

Shoot Jackson

Today, my friends, was a very beautiful day. The sun was out, and the sky… it was just that deep wonderful blue. Ethan was off to see trains with Grandpa, B wanted to veg, so I took Ariana on a photo shoot. She was armed with my A40, and I took the Konica. We drove into Jackson, and after a brief bit of instruction, we were off, snapping at anything that did not move. She followed me around and pointed her camera in the same general direction as mine. After about 30 minutes, her batteries died, so we stopped in at Huron Camera for some AA’s. We talked about design concepts, rule of thirds, and about what looks cool. We shivered and rubbed our hands. An hour in her card filled up, so we stepped into the Library for a little clean up. I looked through and we weeded out some blurry shots, doubles, and ones that just lacked interest. Eventually we headed back to the car, and did a little more clean up, and then drove to Nomad Bookhouse for coffee and root beer. We sat and browsed through “The Greatest Photography, National Geographic”, and “Drawing for Dummies”. Then we headed out again and she filled her card, and I finished up with some shots of St. Mary Star of the Sea church, which also happened to be where I had my first job in Michigan.

It was a nice, low-key, fun outing, and I think Ariana may really start to understand photography if we keep it up. The elements of design are pretty easy to teach, but it is the intuitiveness of experience that really changes shots from nice, to stunning.

Ariana descends from a successful shot. Aranging her shot.

I have uploaded my results to both flickr and the albums. I will set up a flickr account for her, and I will post a link shortly.


I changed the header again. The other one looked too… hmmm… fruity. It reminded me of “New Age” albums and spiritual insight books. I decided that bold with a hint of whimsy was a better idea. The image is from a magnificent sunrise the other morning. The image looked like that out of the camera because I was testing the sunset mode that pumps up the color in-camera. I don’t think I will use that mode much, but it produced this lively header.

I have also followed friends back to Gallery2, and it is now available again in the pages menu under ‘Albums’. Rural decay pictures are up there, and I think there are more than I have on Flickr, so you can see the ones that I decided not to put up.

In other developments, I am hacking with Ruby again, and this time looking at Nitro. I may host an app or two here at home to see how it works from outside. Nitro is like Rails, only not as complex (I think). I am trying to use it for a project at work as well, but I still am not sure it fits that need.