Dreams taxes and Max

A few months ago I posted about a trade-in immediately followed by a reversal. It really was a good thing. Since then I have put the dream of a digital SLR at the back of the dream queue to wait for it’s number to be called. The numbers were being called randomly, so it was unclear how long he would have to wait. Recent events, including, but not limited to, root canals, and hoods flying up while driving at high speeds seemed to indicate that the wait could be long indeed. Fortunately, we are very limited in our perspective. It is early tax season for those of us who have no equity or investments and we bagged a great refund this year (not sure how to calculate the points on these babies, do you go by the amount, or the number of corners on the check?). If you are confused by that, remember that we live in one of the deer-hunting-est states in the union. Ok, so the number 723 was called, and it was exactly the number that Mr. Digital SLR had between his anxious fore-finger and thumb. By the way, his name is really Max, not Digital SLR. He comes from a prestigious yet recently extinguished family line (ok, maybe not extinguished, just adopted out). If you are interested in stalking him, there are plenty of resources out there. His mighty works are beginning to show up in the gallery.

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  1. I like Max. He seems to have every function available as a button, which definitely confuses me a little trying to pick him up and just take a picture. Of course, on the other side of that spectrum you get a camera that has 2 functions as buttons and the rest in a menu. The Linux vs. Mac approach. I suspect that once you get used to him it will actually be better to have all the functions available, it just makes for a steeper learning curve. I look forward to more of his mighty works.

  2. Having no experience with other mighty friends, I have not had too much trouble figuring out how to do things. I did read the entire manual through while I waited for the battery to charge the first time, so I did come at it with a little know-how. Plus, I have read so many reviews of the features, I practically felt as if I had held it and used it. Not the same though once it was in my hands and fully charged. I will post my very first shot sometime. I am still learning how to bend it to my will, for good, not evil.

    B is not too keen on the naming of objects, so I may take a cue from her site and just refer to it as The Camera, or The Max.

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