Mediocre blend (Now with PNG!)

I did some more roasting yesterday. I did a batch each of Kenya Kiangundo (huge beans) and Panama Bouquette. Both should be great on their own. The Kenya is roasted full city+ or so (a little darker than I intended) and the Panama is full city. Someday I will get serious and buy a thermometer to guage the temperatures. And a stopwatch. Ok, maybe not. I kind of like the intuitive roasting, where the cues are subliminal, and you just know that the roast for this particular bean should be just a tad darker. But then again, that is how I feel about just about everything.

I also threw together a blend of coffees that I don’t really get excited about on their own. It consists of El Salvador Everest (a peaberry), Ethiopian Sidamo, and Papua New Guinea Agoga. In case you are wondering if the blend turned out exceptional, it didn’t, but it was alot more rounded than each would be on it’s own. To tell the truth, it was more of a way to use the PNG in a blend that would be palatable. I have nothing but trouble trying to get the PNG to taste good, so I though maybe it would work out in a blend that I did not expect a lot from. In that sense it was a smashing success. It truely was a mediocre blend, which we will drink without comment.

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4 thoughts on “Mediocre blend (Now with PNG!)”

  1. I also roasted some Panama and some Zambia. You know my obssessive habit of doing Latin America and Africa almost every time I roast. I barely had to recycle heat to get to 2nd crack. It was a balmy 50 F out. I got it done before the rain came on Saturday.

    I wanted to not comment on the mediocrity of PNG, but I’m afraid that many of your readers may have forgotten that PNG is coffee code for Papua New Guinea. And what’s more, I totally agree about it’s characteristics. I bought ten pounds one time because the price was right. I gave some to you one time, and tried roasting it several different ways… but I still have about five pounds. We’ll see if it ever comes out to play. Maybe for brewing at work, where most of it gets dumped at the end of the day…

    One time my co-worker brought in some PNG from Trader Joe’s. After reading the package I was aching to try it. I brewed some but was left with a cup of flatty. I was wondering if it was ground properly, or if it wasn’t kept airtight or if it got mixed up with potting soil.

    I’m sorry that the El Sal Everest is on your unremarkable list. I bought some of it and haven’t roasted it yet. I’ll scrutinize it, and see if we can get the best out of it.

    Sorry this “comment” outgrew it’s intended purpose… not commenting on PNG.

  2. To tell the truth, I like the flavor of both the Everest and the Sidamo, just not as much on their own. A blend of those together would probably be great. I think that I compare the Everest to Santa Rita too much, and maybe it is actually quite good, but not the mellow sweetheart that Santa Rita is. Sidamo is very distinctive, but needs something else to round it out.

    I may do a blend of PNG and Indonesian Sumatra next. The Sumatra has such a strong personality, that the PNG might just become the non-descript sidekick.

  3. Nice exotic, new banner, by the way…

    I haven’t tasted any of the new stuff that I roasted. I’m okay with some rest time because we filled in the gaps between roasts with some TJs Shade Grown Yirgachefe (sp?). It’s pretty good. The Double Dark is kind of ho-hum dark roast. I’ll try to finish that stuff up and then move on to ours, it’s not like the TJs stuff was fresh when we got it. (stale face).

  4. Maybe you could try PNG with some of the Yemen I got. The Yemen is never the same sip to sip, so with any luck it would make the PNG only mediocre on some sips?

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