Provocation #4

I think that there are many people, from all sorts of backgrounds, that are finding themselves at the tail end of the process given below. That is where I find myself.

The law of existence: First life, then theory. Then, as a rule, there comes still a third: an attempt to create life with the aid of theory, or the delusion of having the same life by means of the theory. This is the conclusion, the parody, and then the process ends — and then there must be new life again.

Take Christianity, for example. It came in as life, sheer daring that risked everything for the faith. The change began when Christianity came to be regarded as doctrine. This is the theory; it was about that which was lived. But there still existed some vitality, and therefore at times life-and-death disputes were carried on over “doctrine” and doctrinal formulations. Nevertheless doctrine became more and more the distinctive mark of being a Christian. Everything then became objective. This is Christianity’s theory. Then followed a period in which the intention was to produce life by means of the theory; this is the period of the system, the parody. Now this process has ended. Christianity must begin anew as life.

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2 thoughts on “Provocation #4”

  1. This actually fits in frighteningly well with the book I just started, “Reclaiming God’s Original Intent for the Church”. Reading it is like waking up. As soon as Christy and I finish it, you have to read it.

  2. I think you would like the book Nathan and I are reading right now, “God’s Original Intent for the Church.” The authors say just what you’re saying right in the first chapter. I’m in Chapter 2 now, it’s getting better and better.

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