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Well, besides Radio Paradise and my own little iTunes station I listen to where I tell them what music I like, and they make me a custom station. If you happen to have broadband and use, you can find me as Samaritan and listen to my personal station. Current band list:

B-Tribe, Bettie Serveert, Conjure One, Delerium, Dido, Eastmountainsouth, Fiona Apple, Gabriel Rios, Jeff Beck, Jem, KT Tunstall, Kasabian, Kirsty MacColl, Mich Gerber, Michelle Shocked, NAMASTE, Nikkfurie, Ollabelle, Portishead, Thievery Corporation, Turin Brakes, U2, Yello, Zero 7, dZihan & Kamien, Emogen Heap, Morcheba, Afro Celt Sound System, Cibo Matto, Emiliana Torrini, Lulu Mushi, Sufjan Stevens

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7 thoughts on “Listen to me”

  1. I am amazed that although I can’t remember ever discussing music with you, we have lots of listening in common!

  2. Some of these don’t actually show up in my station yet. I am wondering if they have a list of artists that exist, but don’t have music from all of them. My taste is varied, and this is a more female and electronic centric list. B does not go for the roots/americana/bluegrass/apalachia style, or any of the house/acid/goa/live PA type stuff.

    Ariana, I am so glad we share tastes!

  3. heya, i’ve looked a bit at good place. Haven’t used it much yet though. Trouble for me is the player (i think), ’cause at work I can install nothing on the computer. So what I’ve been playing with (to listen to _some_ of what i want) is is a interesting idea, have you seen this before daniel? lemme know what you think. (c:

  4. another great on itunes is under public…its KCRW music…my favorite station in Los Angeles

  5. Craig, we have listened to KCRW online ever since we left SoCal in 2001. We still listen to This American Life on a regular basis, and I often listen to the music shows at work. Great stuff.

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