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While roasting with Nathan the Sunday before last, I discovered that I still had some Salvador Santa Rita left. Most of you might not know to care, but this is definitely the dessert of coffee. As Nathan puts it “I name this coffee ‘sweetness’.” It is a wonderful base for any blend, and really blends well with the chocolate of Honduras. So finding it at the bottom of my box was a real joy. The peculiar thing is that I have enough coffee in that box that a whole 4 pounds could get lost. I wanted to have enough to last me through the winter, so I bought a big load in September, but then Christmas was coming around, so I bought 15 pounds more for gifting. It was a slight over calculation, in both cases, but the benefit is that I have a very well rounded stash. I am thinking that I will not need to reorder until well after the anniversary of my first roast in March.

Tonight I roasted in the Poppery:

2 Batches Honduras
1 Batch Mexico Portifino
1 Batch Salvador Santa Rita

All are at City+ (Medium Dark Roast)

Note to Nathan & Nathan:

I did not have to force the batch of Mexico into second crack by recirculating the hot air. It roasted beautifully, and trotted right into second crack on it’s own.

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3 thoughts on “Sta. Rita”

  1. Sweet! That was only the Mexico?
    This past weekend (MLK day to be exact) I was able to get most of them up to 425 (first crack+) without any help. It was pretty easy to send it up the remaining 30 degrees or so. For some coffees, I could have gone light and just left it at that. Did we roast on the same day?

  2. We chatted while you roasted, but I did not roast until Wednesday evening. Mexico was the middle batch, and the popper was cold. I had to take a break to put each of the kids to bed after the Honduras, and after the Salvador. I have tried some light roasts, but I am usually disappointed. My default roast is just into second crack, and some I push right into the middle. I usually roast the Sumatra, PNG, and Colombian pretty dark. The Sumatra is just better that way, but the other two seem to have an edge that needs to be burned off.

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