Over the years of travel and moving, our stereo equipment is consistently on the list of things-to-get-rid-of-before-we-move. This has left us with a nice music collection that can only be played through computer speakers or headphones. Until now. B bequeathed me with a RocketFM transmitter for Christmas, and it has allowed us to expand our listing to anything that will tune in FM radio. That expansion included walkmen, and a single shop radio that belonged to B’s grandpa that still has the saw dust filtering out where ever it is placed. This was not really a big upgrade, but recently a friend passed on a stereo that has 2 speakers, and some bass! So, now we can actually listen to some rumblings on the other side of the house, and tune in from any room (almost). I did have to hack the RocketFM to extend the range, but that was why B bought me that one, she knew that I would have (get) to hack it to make it work well. It worked!

So, if you happen to be driving in down Round Lake Drive, and hear Cake, Jem, KT Tunstall, U2, or B-tribe while tuned into 88.1, that is Shackelford Radio.

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8 thoughts on “RadioShack”

  1. There could be a future for you here…. Shackelford radio. I’d listen.

  2. Hmmm… I do have broadband… Want to listen to my music library online? If enough people are interested, I can make a private little station.

  3. The problem is that enough people get interested, you won’t have any upload bandwidth available either. 😉

    Glad I could help out with additional speakers and bass.

  4. Is that why you’re not online so much anymore? 🙁 Sounds like a good set up, however! 🙂

  5. Haven’t seen you guys for about three days… Maybe there is something funny about my IM set up…

  6. I have to install a few things for any sort of broadcasting to work right. Fun experiment! I will post again when I have something to listen to. It will probably be low quality, so nobody start jumping up and down.

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